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Here I am

When I started blogging last year I instituted a rule of absolutely no blogging from my place of employment, not wanting to be Dooced. Finding the time to hop on a computer at home is tricky lately. If the girls are in bed, stemming the flow of demands to see Elmo and "make letters" while the youngest eats envelopes and bits of fluff off the floor, I am usually too tired to boot up the laptop. Enough with the excuses.

Random tidbits:
In my head I am prone to mixing up avacados and artichokes. Fortunately I like them both, so when I order the turkey avacado wrap and it comes sans artichokes I'm not too disappointed.

When very tired, particularly mentally tired moreso than physically tired, I get the urge to put random objects on my head and declare them to be hats. I have no rational explanation for this.

I had to go and make a baby shrug and it's all Jill's fault. I started it Tuesday and finished seaming Saturday morning - a quick knit. I had intended it to be for Claire so I made the 12mo size. The funny thing about not checking gauge is that it fits Anna perfectly. Since D. Bliss is not so forthcoming with measurements, this may or may not be a gauge issue. Maybe it's for really BIG 12 month olds. The handy thing about knitting for quickly growing people is that, unless extremely small, a finished object will eventually fit someone in the household. Pictures later.

Gotta jet - the littlest squid is complaining. Quoth the squid, "UmmmMaaamaaa...plbtt!! Plbtt! Daaaaa! Dets.....tsssssa"

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