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Rite of passage

Peanut had a rite of passage today - her very first hair cut. She was very excited to get her turn to sit in the "chair that goes up and down and round and round." The sylist only took a little off the back, but now she doesn't look like such a raggamuffin. I took pictures, of course. They're still trapped in the camera.

No camping for us this Labor Day weekend. Not only is the weather not cooperating, but we had enough camping last month to last us for quite a while. I'm sorry we're not getting away, but have found as of late that the reality of being "away" does not so much match up with the relaxing family time ideal in my head. Life is easier at home where the girls are safely corraled in their giant playpen made up of the living and dining rooms sealed off with gates. We have four baby gates up in our tiny house. We spend a lot of time opening and closing gates.

Also, being home may enable us to start on project "kitchen update." When we bought this house, we had planned to expand the kitchen into the useless 9' wide integral garage. We realized that by the time we could afford to take on such a project, we wouldn't be here long enough to enjoy it. We're looking at putting the place on the market in the next year or two, so the new plan is to take care of some much needed cosmetics. From the wonder that is Craigslist I've picked up ceramic floor tile to replace the torn and stained vinyl flooring, and I bought a really pretty new light fixture that will go with my planned color scheme. Some wainscotting, paint, drywall mud, paint stripper, and lots of elbow grease and the place will still be small, but it will be small and cheery.

I've been knitting. I started the top secret Christmas 06 project. I'm learning a new technique - it's my first attempt at intarsia. Blargh. It's fun to watch the pattern emerge, but I've got umpteen strings hanging off the back that makes the project inconvenient for picking up and just working a few rows. I don't dare touch it until the girls are in bed. Also, if anyone knows of a way to fix the holes left when one forgets to cross the yarns when switching colors, kindly let me know. (short of frogging or sewing them shut later) Meanwhile, I'll continue my strategy of just not making that particular mistake.

Hi Sarah - where did you take the peanut for her haircut? I have to find a place for Kate and want a kid-friendly place.

I took her to my usual salon, Laurie's Total Salon (on Wildwood in Hampton) since she had been there before tagging along on one of my appointments. She was so excited she sat still as a statue. However, if you're looking for a place that targets small children, a friend of mine took her son (at about 1yr old)somewhere highly recommended for kids. I can get the name for you if you'd like.

If you could get the name without going through too much trouble I'd appreciate it. There was a kids' salon on Rt. 19 but it burned down last year. Ouch.

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