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Holy Hell

Oy. I've got pictures of finished knitting projects, but life has been so hectic here that they're trapped in memory card land.
Instead, I share some (figurative) snapshots of the past week or so:

I love me some Craigslist. I got a china cabinet that is just the right size for our dining room. I needs refinishing. Just what I need - another project.

While the china cabinet fit in the back of a Mazda Tribute, full sheets of plywood and drywall do not. This stymied my weekend plans of doing more work in the kitchen. I did manage to pull all the linoleum (technically sheet vinyl - I know it's not real linoleum - either way, it's gone). With the neighbor's assistance and pickup truck, the necessary materials are now on site. Work in the kitchen continues to crawl along.

I also picked up shades for the chandelier via Craigslist. By the time you figure in the gas I burned while looking for the seller's house since I forgot the map I had printed (twice), I suppose they weren't such a bargain. Mission accomplished anyway.

Hypothetically speaking, if you were to buy a treadmill, and you were planning on keeping said treadmill in your basement, and your husband were to suggest that it would be a great idea to assemble the treadmill in the living room and take it downstairs in its folded position, this would be a good time to suggest otherwise. There's a possibility that your hypothetical treadmill comes in a box that is closed with many thick plastic straps. Inside that box, you may find a big, yellow sticker that warns you not to cut the straps until you are prepared to assemble the treadmill. Once the straps are cut, supposedly the treadmill portions are not to be moved until completely assembled due to some nonsense about powerful springs and severed fingers. You may be thinking it would be helpful to put such a big yellow sticker on the outside of the box, but you see, that would make sense. It's possible that you would assemble the treadmill in the living room and find that never in a million years will it fit through the doorway. You will then have to disassemble, move (at great peril to digits), and reassemble the treadmill. Or rather, your spouse will. After all, it was his idea.

Claire took four consecutive, unaided steps Wednesday.

This morning I was rushing around getting the girls in their Christmas finery to have their picture taken. For some odd reason, finding black dress shoes for Anna was a trial, but I had secured a pair. I reached for a shoe for Anna - it was the left one. Since I had her right foot in my hand, I grabbed the other shoe out of the box. It was also a left shoe. Now I know why they were such a bargain.

I am so glad to be going back to work tomorrow. You have no idea.

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