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A mind like a steel trap

We've got a little chocolate fiend on our hands. To stem the flow of Hershy kisses last night, we promised Anna she could have more "tomorrow."
The first words out of her mouth this morning was, "I want more chocolate now."
I told her she could have more later in the day after eating some healthy food, to which she matter of factly replied, "I certainly hope so."
It's like living with a mina bird. Not always in a good way.
While watching the turkeyday parades on Thursday, I figured it was as good a time as any to clean the fish tank. Anna helpfully warned me not to spill any water on my pajamas. I did anyway (unintentionally - honest!). Anna saw this and said, "Mama! You got your pajamas wet, dumbass!"
She's not always so harsh. After the chocolate exchange this morning, the cat was in my way. She asked me why he was in the way (we're still very much in the "why" stage of life around here). I said it was because he was stupid. (I'm not a morning person)
I was promptly scolded, "Don't talk about Oliver like that."

An now for something completely unrelated.
Home improvement lesson learned this week: To remove leftover grout from reclaimed floor tiles, the Dremmel is not your best tool of attack. Sure, you can grind the grout off. Slowly. With much wearing of the designated grinding bit. And more wearing of one's patience. A hammer is much faster and every bit as effective, provided you're careful not to chip the tiles. I only hit my thumb once. I think I still have grout dust in my nose. Only 55 more tiles to go.

Chocolate fiends run in the family. Passed down from fater to daughter, from daughter to grandaugter. It must skip a generation occasionally.

Above comment should say passed down from Father to daughter and from daughter to grandaughter. My H finger must now be awake this morning.

Our mistake was introducing Adam to M&Ms. Perfect for wee ones as they are so little and don't give me the guilty feeling that a chocolate bar would give me, but now he wants a "treat" anytime he does something even remotely good. And I use to word good loosely, very loosely.
"Mommy - I didn't hit Kate today. Can I have a treat?"

I guess I should feel lucky he hasn't discovered that McDonald's sells anything other than soft serve ice cream.

ps - we are not a dumbass house, we're a damn it household. You know us folks in Shaler.


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