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Can't think of a title today

How's your summer going? Ours is flying on by. We went to Idlewild Saturday and had a lovely day. Anna is 36.5" tall, so she was able to ride to her heart's content. Claire couldn't figure out the wait for a ride thing, or the ride is over thing, which resulted in much sadness. Sadness of this variety can be fixed with a nice long train ride, some ice cream, and some Canada geese to watch.
Speaking of Claire, she had her 18 month check up today. She is roughly 40% for height and weight, and 97% for head circumference. My girls have big noggins. This they get from their mother, who has occasional trouble buying hats.
Do you know what time it is? It is 8:22 according to my clock. Last week we went to a fair, whereupon we were encouraged to sign up for a free estimate on having the gutters done. Sure, thinks I. We need more estimates on gutters, seeing as the last laughable estimate gave us a price that would buy me a nice new car. They called last Friday and set up an appointment. It had to be a time when my spouse and I were both home so that we could both agree upon the demo materials. *rolls eyes* We set one up for 7:00 this evening.
The gutter business must be really good. Not only can they afford to solicit people for estimates, but business is so booming that they don't need to show up for appointments! Gutters sell themselves!

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