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How green was my valley

Hot enough for ya? The bad news: The "new" house has not whole house air.
The good news: People back in 1810 knew how to build houses that didn't get quite so hot when it hits nintey-whatever degrees. Shady trees, a shady porch roof, and high ceilings have been making it very livable in my living room. I'm not a fan of central air anyway.
So about that living room.
Thursday I painted it. It only took about 5 hrs. (see high ceilings, above) Technically you could say I painted two rooms, since we've got one big dining/living room combo. I painted it "pickling spice" by Pittsburgh Paints. I was very happy with the coverage. I'm afraid the color is a little too minty, but Mr. Unreserved and UnreservedBrother like it.
Today the oriental rug I ordered from Overstock.com arrived. The rug was labeled "sage." It is sage in the same way that pink is brick red. That is to say my rug is deep dark olive green. Yurgh.
The good news is the nice people at Overstock are good about returns, and via the wonder of FedEx's website I've learned that it will only cost me $21 to return said monster sized 57lb rug. That is unless I can unload it on Craigslist first.
Now I'm gun shy about ordering another one, but extremely eager to have another rug. Anna was disdraught when I told her I was returning the rug. Said she, "But I like it! It's soft!"
Apparently she misses wall-to-wall. Too bad.

Oh, also I made some socks. And started another pair. And am spinning laceweight (hopefully) ivory mohair pencil roving. In my spare time. And I painted the kitchen.

That is all.

I have found that green tends to be one of the more difficult colors to actually judge the shade via computer or even paint chips. Case in point: We picked out a lovely shade of green via a paint chip for our bedroom. Almost 9 years later we are still sleeping in a bedroom where the wall color reminds us of warship green. It is horrible and dark and, dare I say it, dank.
Hubby will be repainting it (finally) next week.


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