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Photographic evidence that we are insane

Finally I have pictures of the big white money pit to share with you! I have pictures of the inside, too, but I don't have the patience to upload them tonight.
First is the official front from the street:

But this side is the "real" front. The house is older than the neighborhood, of course. Much older. I love telling people it was built in 1810 and they do sort of a double take and say, "Eighteen? Not nineteen?"
Yep. Mr. Unreserved found a penny in the yard from 1847. I can't quit thinking how cool that is. I like to think of all the people who have called this place home before us. I like the fact that this house was standing when Beethoven was alive.

This is the front from the back yard. It's a great yard - the girls and Zoe have a ton of fun out there, and I can't wait to put a garden in next summer.

This is the side of the house I see most often, as it's the side that faces the garage/driveway. The deck is falling off. The paint is falling off. There is vermiculite falling out of the walls. We've got work to do.

Let this be a warning to all you overly optimistic dreamers - be careful what you wish for!

The girls and I are off to the mountains this weekend. Poor Mr. Unreserved has to work, but will join us later. Anna's looking forward to it, and I know Claire will enjoy all the dirt there is to get into. The girl is a dirt magnet!

Found your blog through The Underwear Drawer. What cute little girls you have! I know what you mean about loving the idea of how old your house is. My grandma's house was built in 1640. I daydream all the time about all the history it has - and it's been in our family the whole 400 years. How cool it is to have a house older than America! :) Good luck with yours. I admire your courage to tackle such a project.

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