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First day of school!

It seems like it was just yesterday that Anna was a tiny little red-faced baldy newborn. Today she went to her first day of preschool!
Anna has been begging to go to school for a year now. We promised her she could go if she potty trained, then we had to convince her that she had to wait until fall. It's been a long wait!
Anna liked school, but had mixed feelings when it was time to leave. She missed her daddy, but she didn't want to go home. She was a little perturbed that she hadn't learned the names of all of her 14 classmates.

Last weekend in the mountains was beautiful, and I think I can speak for all of us when I say we had a great time.

And I don't have a picture for this one, but I just had the dubious pleasure of looking down our sewer line. *sigh* For the second time since we moved in, we had a "situation" in the basement. Can someone tell me which tree is it in the back yard that the money grows on? Because its roots are clogging our pipes.

Awww... my sister sent me pictures of my niece on her first day of school, and even though it's second grade, I still can't get over that she's "all grown up".

Hmmm, maybe the money grows on the roots? That doesn't help huh? Yuck. A problem I'm glad we aren't facing at this time, although I'm keeping an eye on our neighbor's tree that is very close to our property line. The branchs are all in our yard wich makes me think the roots are as well.

Good luck!!!

Damn roots. I never understood the necessity to use terracotta pipes instead of lead or steel in the 20s.

Rumor has it that a boy pushed Anna off the slide.

Are you planning to keep the girls at St. Bonnie's post-preschool or sending them off to the public schools?

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