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Computers are great . . .

. . . except for when they suck.
I get a fair number of hits here for "linksys wireless adapter inactive." This tells me that I am not alone. I use a Linksys brand wireless adapter in the laptop, as well as a Linksys wireless router. Approximately once a year, the adapter decides to go inactive for no apparent reason. This year it really thumbed its nose at me - it would work for Mr. Unreserved during the daytime, but not for me in the evening. Why the software throws an annual hissy fit is beyond me.
The only solution is to uninstall and reinstall the software. The software has long since been lost. The last time this happened I had to download it on the other computer and burn it to another cd. You'd think I'd have learned and hung onto that cd. This time when I burned it the cd was bad. I burned it again and came downstairs to find the laptop, tv remote, and portions of the couch slathered in raspberry yogurt.

Talk about a sticky situation!

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