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Claire, at her own request, went to bed this evening at 7:30. That in and of itself is worth marking on the blog to me. Anna was in bed an hour later, also remarkable. In the process of getting Anna to bed, Mr. Unreserved apparently got himself to sleep. This I know because I can hear him snoring. He sometimes claims he doesn't snore. Why on earth would I make that up?
What have I done with my bounty of "me time"?
Mostly goofed off on Ravelry.
What did I do after that?
Read through all my blog posts going back a year.
Why did I do that?
Because it's been a heck of a year.
Is this Q&A format getting silly?
Once upon a time I was an angsty teenager. Then one day I realized I had no real reason for angst (It was the 90's - it was trendy. Angst goes well with flannel) and gave it up. For several years I made a deliberate effort to be a more positive person. Don't get me wrong - I'm as sardonic as they come - but I realized that life is too short to let the details get to you.

Lately the details have really been getting me down. And I don't like down. All of this house buying and moving and selling crap has really gotten under my skin. It has gotten under my husband's skin. We have gotten under each other's skin. It's been tremendously difficult to remain positive and I'm tired of the effort.

I haven't lost my optimism - I have high hopes that in a matter of weeks (or less) the bulk of this will be over and we can move on with life. Then when I read this post I will be able to see the contrast and know that things got better. Meanwhile, I've got a warm kitty on my lap. Warm lap kitties are always good for what ails you. (but can they close a deal?)

I wish I could fix it for you but there are some things that are out of my control. All I can do is listen and keep my fingers crossed that house selling is over soon. Keeping you all in my prayers (even in Chicago).

"You close on this house or I'll kill this kitten" might work.

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