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Sweet merciful heavens!

I'm not talking about the house today. I'm tempted to, but there's enough negative energy in the universe as it is, and I've vented plenty to those who love me too much to tell me to shut up already.

(That's the only picture I managed of Claire in full costume and it came out wonky because I forgot to change the camera settings)

We had a happy Halloween here. Did you? If not for this blog I may never unload the camera card. Our new street has only 10 houses counting ours, and one of them is vacant 99% of the year. Still, the remaining houses all gave out candy - and what a haul it was! The girls filled their bags twice over just from those eight houses and I got to meet neighbors I've only seen in passing. Great weather, too.

Claire makes my knitting needles disappear. This month she lost three size 0 Inox dpns and four size 7 Clover bamboo dpns. I was working on Bayerishe with the Inox. When the needles went missing I started a sweater instead (Refined Raglan from Interweave winter 2006). I had just started the second sleeve when the Clovers went to points unknown (pun intended?). I'm reasonably certain it was Claire because I've caught her pulling needles out of things before and making off with them. Two weeks later I found (or rather Mr. Unreserved found by accident) one of the Inox buried in the cushion of the couch. The other two may be in there, but the size 7s would never make it through the fabric. I even searched the fireplaces (old houses have odd quirks) but all I found was two bottles, a nipple and ring (for a bottle - get your mind out of the gutter), a baby doll hairbrush, a golf ball, a tennis ball, three plastic toy balls, a baby doll sippy cup, a marker, and two crayons. I bought a new set of Brittaney Birch size 7s and borrowed Mom's size 0s (all the shops seem to be out of them at the moment).

Now that Claire is really learning to talk, I find myself eavesdropping on conversations between her and Anna. They're usually pretty funny. This morning I overheard:
Claire: What's that [noise]?
Anna: That's the garbage truck.
C: Mama?
A: No, the garbage truck.
C: That Mama?
A: No! It's the garbage truck.
Apparently I sound like a garbage truck. They're also starting to tattle on each other. Claire just came in from the playroom looking very pouty to tell me "Sissy not play nice." I had already gathered that from the shrieking coming from both girls, but they usually work it out on their own.

Oh, and Lucy, the new resident kitty, is the most patient kitty I've ever seen. The things she puts up with from these girls amazes me daily (and of course we're always teaching the girls about proper kitty handling)

And lastly, I end with a picture of a portion of our neighborhood herd. There are 12 deer in this picture - can you spot them all?

Ok..I'm so glad that I'm not the only one seeking size 7 dpns and not able to find them. Even KnitPicks is out of them...it's an odd thing, don't you think?

The girls looked very adorable in their costumes :) Glad you had a good Halloween.h

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