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Christmas - check. On to birthdays!

If you are foolish enough to have your children born the week after Christmas, do yourself a favor and have the birthdays be five days apart. It makes party planning that much easier. I keep saying if we have a third it won't be right after Christmas (if I can help it), but the more I think about it, I should just have a third Christmas baby. It's convenient! *snerk*
In our household, the birthday decorations mingle with Christmas decorations. I don't have the heart to take them down before New Year's Day. Mom and I went out birthday shopping yesterday (with a side trip to the newest area yarn shop, of course), and today I baked two cakes. Now I've got to find a shovel to clear out the living room so as to make room for guests amidst the toys.

Christmas was its usual marathon of festivities that left us all in a holiday coma in our jammies on the couch the day after. Holidays, like vacations, make you happy to see them arrive and happy to see them pass. I thought Anna would be very excited to see a big girl bike under the tree. She took one look at it and said, matter of factly, "See. I told you Santa would bring me my bike." I suppose when magic is so very real, it's not all that surprising. Claire was happy with everything she opened, whether she knew what it was or not. I notice she spent today playing with the animal train she got last year and seldom touched. Go figure.

I finished painting our bedroom Thursday (it just wouldn't be a vacation without a paintbrush in my hand) and Mr. Unreserved started prepping the girls' room for a much needed overhaul.

I finished all my Christmas knitting in the nick of time and am enjoying working on the socks I started back in August. Not that I enjoy them - they're boring - but I'm enjoying the fact that I'm knitting a) for myself b) with no deadline c) so that I can allow myself to cast on something new.

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