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I'm still here - the house hasn't fallen in on me. Yet.
House progress: Thanks to the wonders of Craigslist, we have procured a radiator for the girls' room. Yes, we have no radiator in the girls' room at the moment. No, it doesn't get freezing cold in there. All hail convection. Installation of said radiator will be pushing four figures. Someone remind me why I like old houses again, please.
I have painted our bedroom. Well, I painted the walls. I didn't just paint the walls, I primed the walls, put two coats of paint on the ceiling, filled in the gaping hole from the old light box on the ceiling, and slapped two coats of "quiet veranda" on the walls. Instead of being glossy eggplant, they are now a light golden yellow in a satiny finish. I'd share my opinion of the previous decor, but you just never know who is reading. Suffice it to say it was not my taste. The trim awaits my attention. Then it's off to the girls' room. It's really amazing the difference a fresh paint job can make.
The gaping holes in the fireplaces have been filled in with drywall that was painted to look like marble. I'm really impressed with how the faux marble came out - decorative painting isn't really a skill I call my own.

Crafting: I've finished the scarf, I finished the afghan. I cast on for a hat, and immediately cast on for a different hat. It's a new emergency holiday project and it's moving right along. The one year I manage to finish things ahead of time the universe laughs at me anyway.

Holiday preparations: I'm closing in on the end of my shopping. The Christmas cards were picked up today - I might get them addressed tonight. Maybe. Don't hold your breath. The girls' holiday picture was taken, Santa was visited (Anna was terrified, Claire happily chatted away), the train was ridden. The house is decorated inside and out with the exception of the tree. That's this weekend's project. I'm afraid to put this in writing, but there's a slim chance that I'll escape the frantic pre-Christmas race to the finish line. Maybe.

Question: Why is it that children will be almost perfectly behaved when only one parent is home (it does not matter which parent), but the minute the other parent walks in the door they turn into complete nut jobs?

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