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I was expecting this

I think all children go through a stage of dressing themselves in various inappropriate articles of clothing. Anna hit hers today. Frankly I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner. I came home to find her wearing a pink and orange gingham short sleeved button down shirt. Under that was a white long sleeved cardigan. For pants, she had found a pair of red and white seersucker pants one size too large. On her feet, piggy slippers. The effect is somewhat clownish, but at least she is covered up. Mr. Unreserved had to veto the sleeveless top that goes with the pants as well as a bathing suit.

Tonight we tried making cinnamon ornaments. I believe I had the applesauce/cinnamon ratio off. They were messy no matter how you slice it. I hope they turn out okay, because the persistent smell of cinnamon on my hands is getting on my nerves.

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