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Birthdays - check. May I please go back to work now?

Things I have done on my "vacation":
Skim-coated the girls' room
Sanded the girls' room
Cleaned up the dust from sanding the girls' room
Painted the ceiling in the girls' room
Painted the trim in my room
Cleaned the house
Shoveled toys
Loaded and unloaded the SUV for holiday festivities
Baked five varieties of cookies
Baked two birthday cakes
Baked two pepperoni rolls
Cooked a broccoli casserole
Put together a veggie tray
Aborted a batch of guacamole due to unsatisfactory avocados
Bought wine
Bought beer
Bought and installed a shower head
Bought groceries
Bought Christmas gifts
Bought birthday gifts
Went yarn shopping
Knit a heel on a sock
Finished a hat, two fingerless gloves, and a scarf
Etched a mirror
Listened to the girls whine
Umpteen thousand times
Wrapped gifts
Took videos
Took photos
Charged batteries
Changed batteries
Watched the 5th Harry Potter movie
Slept in, sort of (if you count dozing among flailing children "sleeping")
Knocked down fevers with acetaminophen and ibuprofin
Dressed and redressed children in various cute outfits
Brushed, trimmed, washed, brushed, and brushed the dog
Played Memory, Hi Ho Cherry O, and the Very Hungry Caterpillar game
Built puzzles
Played with baby dolls
Ate, drank, and made merry

Am I ready to go back to work tomorrow?
I think so.

That...is an impressive list. I thought I kicked arse by getting 1/3 of the way through my winter project of cutting my hedges down to a managable size.

Happy birthday to your Christmas babies, from a New Year's hangover. (Jan. 2)

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