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Claire is snoozing on the couch. She is doing this at dinner time despite the fact that I spent an hour trying to get her to take a nap this afternoon* to no avail. She was snoring due to her odd position on the couch, so I moved her. This woke her up. She sat up, took several pulls off her empty bottle, set it down, said "ding ding ding ding ding," rolled onto her tummy, and went back to sleep.

*Last night she was up at 1:30 and pretty much hourly all night. When she slept, she slept on my head. I couldn't stomach the though of going to work today (no, we don't have MLK day off, thanks Employer) and called in a precious vacation day. I love that I can call in vacation days at will (within reason - I had no pressing deadlines to meet today). It makes them seem even more decadent. I had planned to finish painting in the girls' room. Instead I played with the girls and baked pies. Mmmm, pie.

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