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Lookout! She's got the pruners!!!

Why is it that every time I get out the pruning shears the neighbors get nervous?
Look, people, I'm not going to defoliate my entire yard with the lopers. I promise I will still leave some vegetation standing when I give my greenery a good haircut.
Yesterday I went after the deadwood on the grapevines. We've got a little three section split-rail fence that was groaning under the weight of the vines last year. I could feel eyes on me while I chopped away the dead wood. The neighbor poked her head out the door to say hello and assure me that her boyfriend told her that yes, it is good for grapeviles to be pruned back. Um, thanks? Not twenty minutes later another neighbor asked if I was hacking them all down or leaving some of the grapes. Because they're good, you know.
Trimming is good for plants. It makes plants happy. Especially long neglected plants.

In other yard news, we planted one of the two raised beds in the back yard with carrots, lettuce, peas, beans, and sunflowers. The other bed has yet to be turned over. It can wait a couple of weeks because it's destined for zucchini and tomatoes, which can be planted in mid May. I've got to fix the 6' high deer fence before our little seedlings come up. Otherwise I've just spent the weekend getting blisters preparing really tasty deer food. Even with the fence, I think we've just made a groundhog very happy. All we can do is cross our fingers and see what happens. I promised Anna a garden this year. I've got fond memories of working in the yard with my dad, marveling at the tiny carrot seeds and munching vegetables straight out of the garden.

I'm glad I got the garden in last weekend, because this weekend I'm off on a girls' weekend to Maryland Sheep and Wool. Fun grownup time ahoy!

I'm confused--why is it any of your neighbors' business what you do with your grapes in the first place? It's not like you've decided to plant a rusty bedframe for them to grow on :D

Tomato prices are supposed to skyrocket due mostly to the crackdown on immigration. DBF is suddenly all about me turning the upper area of the yard into a garden.

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