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More crafty bits

I've washed the rest of the lincoln fleece. It's still drying. The weather hasn't been terrifically helpful in that regard. I picked up a couple of extra laundry bags so that I can store the lincoln in one and wash the other fleece in another. I've read that fleeces shouldn't be stored air-tight and that sounds like good advice, although I'm a little worried about the fluttering m-word. I also have to figure out where I'm going to store it. The top of my closet it starting to get a little full, as there's already a couple pounds of icelandic roving in it.

I've been reading about people's purchases on Ravelry, including more than a few regrets people have had that they passed by something that they later wished they bought when they could. I can honestly say that for now, between my yarn stash and my fiber stash I feel well stocked.

This would be even nicer if the GIRLS hadn't LOST the middle of my niddy-noddy. I've got a bobbin stuffed with wool/mohair that I plied and I can't skein it up. And it's bugging me.
Mr. Unreserved would point out, and rightfully so, that if I hadn't left my niddy-noddy on the end table, it wouldn't be missing parts.
Then I would point out that I am tired of having to lock down everything I don't want missing or broken. (which is silly because I have small people, and that's what life is like with small people)
I could order a new one. They're not that expensive. But I know full well that the minute it gets here the old one will turn up. Even though we've turned the house upside down looking for it. Even though I've bribed the girls that I will give them $5 (a princely sum!) if they happen to make it turn up. No dice. (which is just as well because if they catch on to that scheme all sorts of things may go missing for ransom)

To reward you for listening to my rant about obscure missing equipment, here are pictures from Easter. These are from Easter Eve, before we went to Easter vigil. The ones from Easter day consist of the girls in their jammies and the girls in their dresses with their winter coats over top. I plan to have nicer pictures done in the dresses later because I'm tickled with how they came out. And the kids aren't half bad looking either, but I might be more than a little biased.

Adorable! I love the serious looks!

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