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Baby wren

I've mentioned the wrens that have been reproducing in my garage and gutters. A few weeks ago I came home, parked my car in the garage (! Still excited to have a garage, even if it has no practical door) and upon exiting said car realized I was not alone. There were two baby wrens hanging out, with a busy parent wren hopping about with tasty bugs for them to eat. One of them didn't mind having its picture taken as it hopped about near the stroller. If you look closely, you can see the few remaining downy feathers on its head.

The jaded, practical side of me says that baby birds are nothing special, that millions (billions?) of them are born every year. But this is the only one that I got up close and personal with. The wrens aren't shy, and they've been hanging around so long that I know all their calls, and can spot the grown ups from the recently fledged.
What can I say - I'm easily amused. You must be, too, since you've read this.

Earlier this summer, we had a yellow finch banging on our kitchen window, often for 15 minutes at a time. The kids named him "Tapper."

This went on for about 2 months -- then Tapper went away. Someone told us that during mating season, finches often exhibit this behavior. They see their reflection in a window and think it's another male that they need to fight off.

So basically, he was just trying to get some. And I guess ultimately he did. Good for him. High five, Tapper!

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