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I shaved the cat today. Do you know how tempted I am to title this post "Shaved P*ssy"? I figure I don't need the extra hits it would bring. But I did shave Oliver. He's long haired, and once a year I mangle his fluffy orange coat because it gets to be too much for him to manage and he insists on puking hairballs all over our bedroom floor at 3 a.m. He doesn't mind, in fact with the exception of his belly and backside, he spends the clipping session rolling around as if to say, "Over here - you missed a spot. Okay, now do this side."
Claire saw him and exclaimed, "Oliver is flat!"
I suppose he is. I should change his name to Eric. (the halibut - obligatory Python reference, not to be construed as having anything to do with my brother's significant other)
I also sanded and sealed the wooden steps that go up the front of our yard. It was way too much work for too little pay-off. They're still ugly. They're ugly because they've never been sealed, unless you count the time someone painted them orange. Yes, orange. Such a natural landscaping color. Fortunately most of the orange paint peeled off as the steps were merrily rotting away. This should slow them down until we've got the time/money/inclination to replace them. Did I have twelve other projects of greater impact that I could have been working on? Of course! But I was determined to soak up a little bit of sunshine today.
And this evening I have been soaking up rum, so I will stop posting before I write anything I regret later.

But Eric the Halibut was chosen out of all the halibuts because the rest were all too flat, leading me to assume that Eric was at least marginally less flat, if flat at all.

We put down four yards of mulch!

I have never met a cat who enjoyed getting shaved. I. am. jealous.

(BTW, I'm not sure if you've seen this or not, but check out Burgh Mom if you are interested in meeting up with other Pittsburghers for some harmless fun. I swear Gina is the only one who bites.)

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