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Whereforartthou Tidepool Heather?

It was cheesecake weekend at the Unreserved household. This is an annual October 5th tradition, that date being the anniversary of Mr. Unreserved's birth, and himself having a great fondness for cheesecake.
The verdict: pumpkin mousse cheesecake - a hit. Easy to make as well as delicious.
Fudge caramel cheesecake - also delicious, a pain in the neck to make, and even messier to cut what with the caramel and the incompletely baked brownie bottom.
Also featured this weekend - a trip to the zoo, two fall festivals, assorted shopping, Halloween decorating, and sock finishing. They fit! Finally a pair of socks I knit for the man in my life fit him instead of me!
Oof! Cheesecake caveat - the pumpkin cheesecake just featured a tiny fragment of egg shell. I attribute this to the fact that cracking eggs is the girls' favorite kitchen activity. If I crack eggs myself there are tears of jealousy. Sometimes the eggs get really extremely cracked.

So tonight after all the business and the day job and whatnot, I sat down to start on Autumn Rose. My KnitPicks order had arrived Thursday and I was looking longingly at it all weekend. Only I was missing three colors. I searched the house high and low because I have cats, and cats steal yarn. In this case they were innocent. I checked the details of the order online and learned that the automated "order the yarn for this sweater in the colorway shown" failed to include two of the colors. A third is on back order until next month. The nice woman in customer service is shipping me the other two with no additional shipping charge, and I'm debating subbing out the unavailable yarn and soldiering on. I could wait and knit any one of the other projects I have going, but the antsy three year old in me really really wants to start this sweater nooOOOooow.
Ugh. Have been hanging around preschoolers too much.

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