Friday, March 31, 2006

Son of a motherless goat!

Rassafrassin internets. I love me some wireless laptop internet surfing, so you can imagine my dismay when I fired up the ol' laptop and couldn't connect with the wireless network last Sunday.
~imagine wavy flashback lines here~
Hrm, maybe it's the router. I reset the router.* I set up the router from scratch. Any better? No, the laptop's adapter still says "adapter inactive." Well, can I troubleshoot the adapter? No, the software has no such option, and the device manager claims it's working just fine. Which it is not.
I hop on the net on the desktop and search fruitlessly through Linksys's "help" files, which prove to be inaccurately named. Googling avails me nothing.
I try popping the adapter in and out along with power cycling the laptop. At some point the adapter decides to become "active" again, and I can connect with the router and my wireless network, but not with the internet. Ye gods! Our DSL choses this time to go down. I give up for the night.

~fast forward to later in the week, perhaps Wednesday~
On the phone with my extrodinarily tech savy mother, I power up the laptop to find that the adapter is on holiday once more. She has no idea and suggests I speak with my brother, who installed the adapter in the first place (and put the install software in a parallel dimension that only he can access). I give up again.

~Current date~
I'm bound and determined to fix this stupid hunk of plastic to which I've grown so addicted. I call Brother, who does not answer. (which is probably best for his sake) I hop on the desktop and download the install software and current drivers from Linksys, burn them onto a cd, uninstall the software from the laptop and attempt a reinstall. All is hunkey-dorey until the setup gets to the "find an available network" step, at which point the laptop hangs.
But hey! The baby's asleep, and the toddler is behaving! I've got time to try Linksys's live tech support help.
I will say, to their credit, that they really do try to help. I don't envy them the task of trying to fix something sight unseen with no prior knowlege of the customer's computer mojo or lack thereof. That said, every time I've had to use their support I've ended up figuring out the trouble on my own by not listening to them as I explain how I've already tried everything they're suggesting. (had a little trouble getting the wireless up and running last fall)
Two hours later I've uninstalled and reinstalled the adapter software again and for some reason it decides to become active. At which point I lose all connection with the router. Then the DSL goes down. And the baby cries. And the toddler begins to fuss (as it's past her bedtime) I power cycle the router, reconnect the DSL, and for some reason, the planets allign and everything connects and I jump on here to post simply because I can and goodness only knows how long that will last.** Hooray.

*Yes, I know it was foolish to completey reset the router, and I knew it seemed drastic at the time, but I also recalled my mother saying that sometimes they need reset. Turns out she meant to power cycle them, not to depress the tiny recessed button on the back that wipes out the setup configuration. Live and learn.
**I am well aware that I can post to this blog from the desktop. The problem is that the desktop is in the room next to the toddler and she needed to go to sleep and who wants to sit at a desk when they can be parked on the couch?

New (equally pointless) Story
Two weeks ago, on a rather trying weekend afternoon, DH kindly rangled the girls while I completed pleating the piece of fabric to be smocked for Peanut's Easter dress. My plan was to adjust the pleats and tie them off so that, when the girls were asleep, I could begin smocking. It was to be my treat to myself, my relaxing downtime activity. Before dinner I cut out the pattern piece that serves as a template for the pleats that ensured that the piece would be the proper width after smocking. The piece without which I couldn't accurately tie off the pleats. The piece that allowed the dress construction to continue. The piece that I carefully set up on the arm of the couch prior to putting Peanut in her seat for dinner. The piece that mysteriously went missing 20 minutes after dinner.

DH and I turned the house upside down looking for the stupid 12" piece of tissue paper. I even searched the basement, theoreticizing that the cat may have become enamoured with it and dragged it off. (yes, farfetched, but I was desparate) After about an hour I gave up and used the scrap tissue paper that the piece was cut from as a guide. (should have thought of that 50 minutes earlier as it worked just fine) Never did find the pattern piece.

Until today.

As I was chatting up the Linksys tech service guy, Anna crawls into the dog's crate and pulls out her Kong (hollow rubber dog toy, for the uninitiated). Most likely Anna's the one who put it in there in the first place, as the dog doesn't give a hoot about the Kong unless it's filled with food. Out of the corner of my eye, I see her reach in and pull out a crumpled wad of tissue paper . . .

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

On living in the moment

One day, years ago, I was making the typical elevator small talk with a fellow associate, based on the whole "how many days until the weekend" shpiel. I believe it was a Wednesday. He mentioned that he used to think that way, until one day he realized that it's pointless to spend the whole week wishing it were the weekend, and so he tried to focus on enjoying the week as well.
I suppose it may sound Pollyanna-ish to some, but he had a great point that I've tried to incorporate in my daily outlook on life. Some days are better than others.

So when the girls had been "high needs" all weekend, and I crawled groggily out of bed Monday morning having spent a late night soothing a despondant Peanut and nursing an early-teething Claire only to find a vomiting husband, it was with mixed feelings that I called in a vacation day to stay home and nurse the three of them in varying guises.
I am grateful to have healthy, normal children. Healthy, normal children that are capable of ransaking the house and eating nonstop and being whiny and demanding and cute and funny and silly and generally nonstop nervewracking. I love children, always have, and remind myself on a regular basis that these years are precious and will pass quickly, even as I'm holding in a primal scream and thinking "I didn't sign up for this!"

Never have I been so happy to be back at work as I was Tuesday morning. Full-time at-home parents, my hat is off to you, as always.

And now, when the house is quiet, and I look at the cherubicly chubby face of my almost three month old (already!) sleeping on my lap, I wonder what all the franticness was about. Live in the moment indeed.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


I'm blogging, nursing the baby, and drinking rum and Pepsi. I'm multitasking.
Before you damn me to hell for ingesting ethanol while nursing, let me first inform you that it's acceptable (according to the medical establishment) to drink in moderation while nursing. There, now go ahead, damn me. Keep in mind that the baby in question was in a bar at a month old, also. (Burgh blogger meet-up)

Just got back from a marathon shopping trip to JoAnn Fabrics (if that's what it's still called - the "fabrics" portion of the name is debatable) to get supplies for the girls' Easter dresses. Which would have been fine if I wanted to make the dresses out of polar fleece. *rolls eyes* I needed plain, white, 60" fabric for Peanut's pinafore. Unless I wanted 90" muslin (for quilting), I was out of luck. Ended up getting two extra yards of 45" fabric. Smocking to commence when I get a chance to cut out the pieces. I can start working on dresses now because I finished a (knitting) project last night! Pictures of the raglan baby cardigan I made for a co-worker's upcoming bundle of joy are to be taken after blocking. It really needs blocking.

I love that I have girls because they are so much fun to dress. No offence to the opposite sex, but you can only make boys "cute" until they're about 2yrs old, after which they just look like mincing pansies. (no offence meant to mincing pansies)

I really love weekends.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Whoof. (random entry)

Said DH yesterday at dinner while wearing a burgundy sweatshirt splotched randomly with many small patches of baby spit-up, "I look like I've been standing under a nest of condors."

Things I have cleaned out of our carpeting in the 5 yrs we have lived here:
dog poop
dog pee
dog vomit
cat vomit
red wine
fruit juice
And the latest addition to the list - blue crayon.
Washable crayons are a blessing and a curse (are you listening, Crayola?). It's great that they can be washed away (out of carpeting, clothing, furniture, walls, doors. . .) but they are softer than standard crayons, which I suspect is why I found myself scrubbing them out of the carpet last night.

After scrubbing the carpet, Claire kindly allowed me to finished knitting my to-be-felted bag. I'm eager to see how it felts, but not so eager that I'm felting it tonight.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Too smart

Peanut locked DH out of the house today. He went out to get the mail, and Anna figured out how to work the lock on the storm door. Or at least how to lock it. Unlocking took a little trial and error, but she did let him back in. Which is good. Note to self - remove lock from storm door.

I had to fix the collar on my Ribby Cardi. I had made a fold-over version, and it didn't fold so much as scruch up behind my neck. It's been shortened to a mock turtleneck. I started putting the zipper in, but it's every bit as difficult as you might think to sew in a zipper with an infant on your lap. What? You say I could put the infant down? Hahahahah. You're funny. That's why I like you.

I've been daydreaming about knitting Cromarty. I am going to knit Cromarty. It's just a matter of chosing the yarn. While at the Knitting Festival, I came across RYC's "Cashcotton" and "Cashsoft." The cashsoft is the right gauge (142yd/50g) but the cashcotton (which is thinner at 190ish yd/50g) comes in the perfect shade of heathered blue.
Both yarns would make for a very spendy Cromarty, and the thrifty side of me says to go with KnitPicks merino style. The naughty knitter says that if you're going knit a pattern that gorgeous, the yarn should be decadent anyway. Hrm. Must think some more. Truth be told, I like fantasizing about a project as much as working it.

Friday, March 03, 2006

It's freezing in here! Or things I'll do to show off knitting.

One of the many reasons I'm glad we have a laptop (thanks again, Mom and Steve!) is that the room where our desktop resides in is freezing in the winter and my fingers are going numb as I type this. Unfortunately it's also the only computer I can hook the digital camera up to, so it's where all the photo goodness resides. Visit my new Flicker set to see some completed projects. I've got to remember to take pictures of gift knitting before I gift it - there's a few things I'm sort of proud of that are no longer in my posession.

I have failed to place in the Knitting Olympics. That's okay, because the Yarn Harlot specifically mentioned baby rocking as an acceptable reason not to finish, and that's what I've been doing. I just turned the halfway point on my lace baby jacket last night, over four days past the closing ceremonies. *shrug* Oh well.

Had a great time at the 2nd Annual Knitting Festival last weekend. Scored some lovely merino/mohair blend that will be a cardigan for Peanut, some odd but inexpensive white boucle that will be a scarf for DH's family reunion Chineese auction, and some beige rayon ribbon yarn (also inexpensive) for me because I've never tried it before. It's destined to be a summer tank top of some sort. I'll figure it out as I go.
My brother, however, was even happier with what he scored, and no, I'm not just talking about the rainbow Lorna's Laces sock yarn.

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