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Home improvement ahoy!

I still have thinset under my nails. And in my slippers. And probably in my hair for all I know. I've finished laying the porcelain tiles in the kitchen. Hooray! What a job and half that was! Our kitchen is approximately 90 square feet, but it's 90 square feet of oddly laid out room. It's basically like three hallways converging. This means there was much cutting involved. I am grateful for the use of my father's tile saw. It's very noisy. I am grateful for the use of my husbands noise-blocking ear phones (leftover from a long ago visit to an aircraft carrier - your tax dollars at work). I am grateful that my husband kindly occupied the girls so that I could spend the weekend crawling around my kitchen dripping thinset everywhere.

I tried to complete a seemingly minor task today. I bought a replacement sink sprayer and tried to install it. In doing so, I somehow made the entire faucet quit working. The combination of Google and my rudimentary faucet repair skills tells me that we need a new diverter valve. In the meantime, we got the fauct working, albeit poorly.

So now what? Well, I'm not done finishing the new drywall that went up where the doorway framing used to be. The ceiling is nearly finished and ready to paint. We're second guessing our choice to paint the (top) walls red and are considering green. I got the beadboard panelling for the wainscot today and the less said about that misadventure the better. (no animals were harmed in the transportation of the beadboard) There's grout to put down, and cabinets to finish. We're crawling toward the finish line and my but I am tired of the kitchen.

I hear rumor that there some sort of holiday in a week or so....will have to look into that.

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