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I represented!

Friday was not a typical day for me. I judged projects at the Pittsburgh Regional Science and Engineering Fair. It was a great time. I loved the sight of approximately 900 students ready to tell us all about their adventures in the sciences. I also enjoyed getting to meet the other judges. We represented a wide swath of pursuits, from academia to industry, from protein folding to animal behavioral studies. It was a refreshing break from what's been a frustrating time in the lab.

I went home, switch clothes and gears. Mom met me at my house and we trekked down to the south side and had a great dinner and got to meet The Yarn Harlot. She was entertaining as expected, and didn't even say arse once. (during the official talk - there was one slip-up in the Q&A period) It was almost as fun seeing all the knitters. I've been to the Pittsburgh Bloggers meetup before - it makes me think a Pittsburgh Knit Bloggers meetup would be great fun. Probably most of them already go to knitting groups, but I get the impression that many of us don't already know each other. I've often thought of joining a group but I'm spread too thin as it is right now for another regular commitment. A one-time or not as often thing (like the 'burgh bloggers) would be nice. Hrm. Will have to think on that.

And what have I been knitting? Well, I've got Cromarty on the needles, I've got a Louisa Harding lace pullover in the works that I'm itching to work on, of course I've got a pair of socks on the needles, and I haven't touched any of them in two weeks because I'm still smocking. I'm bicraftual! I'm almost done with the embroidery for Claire's dress, then on to Anna's. Fortunately the assembly of these is significantly simpler than last year's Vogue pattern. That was a killer. And when I'm done, rather than work on any of the three UFOs, I'll probably cast on for the Alpine Lace now that I've got a nice, sharp set of Addi lace needles and I wound all 800yds of my lacewt alpaca by hand. (said DH, 800 yds? I replied in the afirmative. He thought I misspoke. No, there truly is 800 yds of yarn in that ball.) (This reminds me of Stephanie's talk of "trigger words." For those who know what I'm talking about, mine are "How much yarn do you need?" Never ask me that.)

We haven't gotten many more bites on the house. We're nearing serious nail biting time. Our realtor failed to get the paperwork in to the newspaper for a listing today, and next Sunday is Easter of course. *sigh* I know the house is going to sell, but until it does we're going to be jumpy wondering how long we're going to have to carry two mortgages. We close in May. Wanna buy a house?

Hi there! It's so nice to find another Pittsburgh blogger (and another Sarah to boot!). I am in complete agreement with you about having an event to get all the Pgh. knitbloggers together. We should have an event on a weekend, perhaps, and all bring our knitting and our laptops!

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