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What we've been up to, in pictures.

Did you have a happy Easter? We did. I finished the girls' dresses just in time. They are of an age to really appreciate the whole holiday thing.
We colored eggs:

On Easter morning the girls found their baskets and had almost pure sugar for breakfast. (marshmallow peeps are acceptable breakfast food on Easter)

I had to hurry up and snap this pic before church while the girls were still clean and tidy. I had no hopes of it lasting, but they did pretty well, actually. I'm disappointed we didn't get any "nice" shots, but I had no intentions of posing outside in the snow this year.

We went visiting all the requisite family members and had a good day.
Claire has fun wherever she goes:

Do not try to take pictures of Anna while she is watching "Alice In Wonderland."

It was nice to be done preparing for the holiday after a flurry of preparing for the house to be show-able. I was very happy to put the finishing touches on the kitchen. *note to self - take pictures of the kitchen*

Today, however, I am at the end of my rope.
Work has been stressful. Nothing is working in the lab, and deadlines are looming. Claire is teething and therefore not sleeping. This whole house buying/selling thing is being a pain in the neck. More accurately, the people involved are being a pain in the neck. Also, someone please make an offer on our house. Or at least come look at it. And when you do, wipe your feet so you don't track mud everywhere. I just mopped the floor.
Today, there is an extra source of mud in our yard:

In preparation for selling the house, we had a dye test performed. Or, we attempted to have the dye test performed. Turns out the clean-out for the sewage line was cracked and needed replacing. Turns out that it never should have passed 7 yrs ago. Turns out that this is going to be really expensive.

If I had photoshop, and photoshop skills, I would edit the backhoe to have a bulldozer blade on the front. Then I would put on my bathrobe and lie down in the mud in front of it.

As if we weren't having enough fun this evening, here's a picture of Claire, taken 10 minutes after her bath:

I'm laughing because it beats the alternative. I post this not to garner sympathy but so that later, when things are running more smoothly in Unreservedville, I can look back on this and laugh and actually mean it.

Look on the bright side: You didn't spend all of saturday night in 3 different airports and on two different planes.

I don't know if that makes you feel better, but the picture of the steam shovel makes ME feel better.

Did Mr. Unreserved tell you I called, Saturday?

if it makes you feel ANY better, your two girls are so gorgeous that every picture of them together makes my ovaries ache...

I certainly feel for you. We've been there before and certainly will be there again....probably tomorrow.

Mr. Subdivided and I were driving through Hampton the other day and we wondered if you were staying in the township so you could still throw rocks at us here in Shaler.

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