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I finished the mandatory portion of my Christmas knitting. I blocked the hand dyed hand spun hand knit scarf last night - I really like the colors! Will take a picture shortly. Right now It's still stretched on the ironing board covered in pins and doing a dead butterfly impression. (the ironing board is a great place to block something that is long and skinny as it is out of arms reach of bolt wielding children)

I added a bit of optional Christmas crafting. Like I needed to. More knitting? No. I've gone back to my (shameful?) roots of crochet. I signed up for "Presents for Patients" at work as I do every year, and on my person's wish list is a blanket. Presents for Patients is a program whereby nursing home residents are matched with a person willing to provide them with a Christmas gift. Normally I'd rather participate in an "angel tree" type program that provides for needy children. Buying toys is more fun than buying lotion and slippers. Several years ago I volunteered to help deliver the presents from my workplace. It was eye opening. Many of these patients have no one left on earth to care enough to give them a gift. Sometimes the requests are for things like underwear and bedspreads. I never minded not shopping for toys after that (and now I get to do that anyway).

I acquired a bunch of yarn from an aunt who passed away a few years ago. She was a nurse, and she loved crafting. I'm using the yarn to make a blanket for my patient this year, time be damned. Cyndi would approve.

I can't wait to see the scarf :)
Yep, Aunt Cyndi would certainly approve of the use of the yarn. It kinda brings tears to my eyes.

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