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Yeah, February sucks.

This year I started out February feeling like it wasn't going to get me down the way it has in the past. Normally my mood in February is as gray as the weather.
I made it to roughly the half-way point oblivious to the black hole of despair that is our shortest month before I was completely fed up with pretty much everything. Work has been a collection of suckitude, Valentine's Day was a bust, the whole family shared a gastro bug, I think I'm catching Anna's cold, and our furnace is fueled by lighting $20 bills. The rest of the year I strive to count my blessings - things like a generous tax refund, newly knit socks, or heart-shaped biscuits covered with creamed tuna (quite possibly the world's most disgusting-in-appearance yet tasty food). I've learned not to mess with February.
What I want to know is why couldn't they put that extra leap day in June?

This too shall pass. Just 9 more days to go, then it will be just 2 more months till MDSW.

At leat you're south of the Canadian border.

Amen! February sucks!

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