Monday, March 31, 2008


More on Easter when I gather and upload pictures. In the interim, I thought I'd share another favorite sign of spring. Mr. Unreserved came in the house this evening and claimed he heard crickets outside. Already?
Later, while I was upstairs, I heard his "crickets."


Friday, March 21, 2008

Grrr for brrr

Done! I finished the girls' dresses today. Including matching socks and headbands. They're hanging up, ready to go.
I even made myself a dress. Mostly. I got it built, even put in the zipper and hemmed the chiffon sash. I put it on. It fit like a glove. I will not be hemming it tomorrow because there's no point in it. I cannot accept the fact dichotomy of a turquoise blue sleeveless spring dress with 1-3" of snow. I don't care if there's no accumulation. It's just wrong and I won't wear it.
Fortunately the girls' dresses are pretty warm. They have short sleeves and go down to mid shin, and the pinafore that goes over the dress is fairly heavy.
So why did I waste so much time sewing the blue dress today? I think it was to prove that if I really wanted to, I could. If I hadn't sewn the dress, that would have been failure. But it's okay to waste half a day sewing a dress and quit. So now I'm up until midnight and the house is still a wreck. But I've got one batch of baking rising in the fridge and I blocked the baby gift I made last week. Hopefully it will be dry and I'll find time to get it to the recipient tomorrow.
It'll feel nice to not have deadlines again after the weekend. I've been looking longingly at my spinning wheel this week.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy things!

Reasons I am in a a good mood tonight:
New glasses! Ones that I am actually happy about!
I am nearsighted. Very very nearsighted. I like my contacts, but am required to not wear them to work. I hate wearing glasses. My main objective in purchasing glasses to day has been to try on fifty frames at the eye doctor's, sigh, and resignedly pick the least obtrusive pair that I don't hate too much. So imagine my surprise to find myself in a snazzy pair of deep glossy red Kenneth Cole wire rims, and loving them. Perhaps the best part? The 1.67 refractive index lenses. With AR coating. Yes, I am a geek. But I am a geek in lenses that in no way approximate Coke bottles. Hooray for high index monomers! (now there's a phrase I guarantee will not show up in my SiteMeter searches that bring up this blog, unlike "raw sex in river city" and today's favorite, "setting up nursing bars for baby goats." Which I read as nursing bras for baby goats, which is a completely different mental image.)
I got to spend the morning at the Carnegie Science Center!
I volunteered to represent my employer and all our nifty inventions as the annual SciTech exhibit. This is a fun event wherein us geek types get to go out and interact with real, impressionable young people. And tattoo our company logo to the backs of their hands.
Annual raise time!
No explanation needed, I hope.
New babies!
I love it when friends extend their families. It makes for many warm fuzzies, and it gives me an excuse to ignore my yarn moratorium (gotta save up for MSWF) and start new baby projects. Makes me extra glad I devoted an entire Saturday to sewing Easter dresses. Dresses are done, bar buttons, and the pinafores are well started. And there's just under two weeks left. If I keep this up, I'm going to lose my cred as a master procrastinator. (not bloody well likely)
As caro noted, spring is springing as signified by buds on the trees. I noticed this last Friday while hopping around my laboratory like a toad on speed. The maples outside the windows have fat, red buds on them. That never fails to make me smile.
And yes, I was literally hopping. I'm easily entertained that way.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I woke up to sunshine on March 1st and knew deep down that February was over and life is good. I find it interesting that no matter how fierce or how mild, every winter gets to the point that it seems that it will never ever ever ever end. And then it does.

I really got back into Cromarty and the end fell off my circular needle. I stuck it back on and kept knitting. The cat stole the end of the needle while I was sleeping.
I ordered new needles. I got the wrong cord length.
I started a tank top instead.

I've been thinking about the pullover I sort of made back in the fall. It was knit in the round, so no seaming. Still, the underarms need to be sewn shut, the ends need weaving in, and I need to re-do the bind off on the neck - it's a little snug. It was done enough to try it on, and after blocking and growing it fits well. So why haven't I finished it?
I'm afraid I just don't like this sweater.
I am toying with frogging the whole thing and knitting something else.
The thought of undoing all that work (really it wasn't an epic project, but still. . .) makes me queasy, but I would be equally irritated having a finished object that I just don't wear.

I've got the bodies done on both the girls' dresses. Part of me wants to sew like mad and be done with them quickly. I could - I've got the time if I worked on them exclusively every evening. I can't sew when I've got no sewing mojo, though. If I'm not in the right frame of mind, I will screw up everything I do and spend even more time fixing it. That was how I rationalized working on the tank top this evening while the sewing sat in a pile in the corner.

Now if you'll excuse me, there's a little person sleeping on my left arm and it's making it hard to type.

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