Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yeah, February sucks.

This year I started out February feeling like it wasn't going to get me down the way it has in the past. Normally my mood in February is as gray as the weather.
I made it to roughly the half-way point oblivious to the black hole of despair that is our shortest month before I was completely fed up with pretty much everything. Work has been a collection of suckitude, Valentine's Day was a bust, the whole family shared a gastro bug, I think I'm catching Anna's cold, and our furnace is fueled by lighting $20 bills. The rest of the year I strive to count my blessings - things like a generous tax refund, newly knit socks, or heart-shaped biscuits covered with creamed tuna (quite possibly the world's most disgusting-in-appearance yet tasty food). I've learned not to mess with February.
What I want to know is why couldn't they put that extra leap day in June?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I figured as much

I really didn't think I'd find the fabric for the girls' Easter dresses at JoAnn's castle of polar fleece, and I was right. I'll have to order it online and cross my fingers that I like the feel of what I get.
I did, however, get fabric to make myself a dress. I'm not sure how I feel about the fabric I chose, though. I'm having a hard time feeling the "spring dress" vibe when it's snowing and blowing outside.

This has been one of those weekends for doing all the little random things that you've been meaning to get to. Things like organizing the sewing drawer, hanging pictures, and doing taxes. I don't mind doing the taxes, thanks to a year of house monkey business and itemized deductions. Things that don't get too involved (like painting), as Mr. Unreserved is feeling poorly again. This is an odd and wicked year for viruses.

A year ago, if I remember correctly, we had made an offer on the house with the contingency that we had to sell our old house. Around this time we got a phone call that there was another offer on the house with no contingency, and we thought we had missed our chance. We were crushed. Then we found out that we still had a chance to drop the contingency, and so were back in the running. It was just the first emotionally charged portion of that long, drawn out adventure. The whole experience has imprinted on my subconscious, apparently. Last night I dreamed of touring a huge tumble-down old house. It had a bizzare rec room in the basement made to look like the inside of a municipal bus, and upstairs was a maze of odd rooms with crumbling brick floors. I was grateful to wake in our own house, with its crooked wooden floors and missing ceilings.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ash Wednesday

The Catholic church teaches that people are to observe Ash Wednesday as a day of fasting and abstinence. Only one larger meal is to be eaten, with two small meals permitted, and no snacking. Meat is right out.
This observance is easy to make when one has gastroenteritis.

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