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Come again?

Anna, being three years old, and perhaps more importantly being my daughter, is chatty by nature. Go figure.
Last week, Anna was sharing one of her rambling monologues with DH:
Anna: See the tree outside? There was a cock in the tree!
DH: What?
A: There was a cock! In the tree!
D: Um....
A: It was sitting on the branch! The cock was on the branch!
D: [translation light bulb going on] Do you mean a hawk?
A: Yes! The hawk was in the tree!


The wisdom of small people
A few weeks ago, Anna and Claire were at the grandparents' for an overnight. They had popcorn for a snack. Since then Anna has developed some interesting theories regarding unpopped kernnals -
They are eggs. You put them in a nest and a bird will hatch out of them.
They are popcorn seeds. If you put them in the ground, a popcorn tree will grow out of it, and
popcorn will grow on the tree.
It's not just any bird that will hatch from popcorn "eggs". Turkeys come from popcorn eggs.
Which explains why she claimed she found a bone in one popped piece. Must've been a
turkey bone.


I've typed this entire entry with Anna "the cat" rubbing her head against my arm. That's fine, I just hope she doesn't start yakking up hairballs like the regular cat.


This Saturday is the Pittsburgh Knitting (and crochet) Festival.
If you're an area knitter, it's worth the trip! This is their third year. The first year they had very little advertising and got at least four times the number of expected attendees. Last year the festival was much larger. None of the classes really appeal to me (I don't consider myself a "class" type knitter anyway - I'd rather screw things up 15 times first while teaching myself) but it's a great chance to experience lots of local and not so local yarn shops in one spot.
Restraint will be a must, however, as a) I've yet to knit the yarn I picked up last year b) we've got plans to attend Maryland Sheep & Wool this May. Woot!

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