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I'm still here...

You know how sometimes you think, "Hm, I should update my blog."
Then your brother points out that you haven't updated in a while. (not that he updates that frequently - pot/kettle anyone?)
And you think maybe you'll post, but you've got to upload those pictures off the camera and find that sweater you've been meaning to take a picture of and just where did I put the camera anyway I think it's in the desk and oh look! Here's something completely unrelated and interesting and all of a sudden it's 11:30 at night and other people would like you to turn off the light in the bedroom so they can go to sleep.
Then your mother mentions you haven't updated.
And so you plan to update the next time you're on the computer, right after you check your e-mail accounts and make sure you haven't missed anything good on Craigslist and you see an interesting house posted so you jump onto the multilist and start digging around to see if it's worthwhile but that site is slow so you check your bloglines while you're waiting for the page to load and by the time you've checked everything you notice Letterman is on and if you don't go to bed soon you're going to regret it the next day.
While you're at work the next day you come up with a BRILLIANT idea for a post, but you enforce your self impmosed no blogging at lunch rule and by the time you get home and eat dinner and get the girls their bath and clean up the bathroom and get three bed snacks and read 12 stories and put Claire back down to sleep for the second time and you finally sit down you think it might be nice to knit on your sock for a bit instead of computing and besides you can't remember that brilliant idea for the life of you.

So here I am with a quick, meaningless, contentless post full of excuses, as if there's some sort of obligation to this whole blogging thing anyway. As if I have to write X posts a month or what? I won't get paid for it? I'll never get that lucrative book deal? My many minions will protest lack of entertaining content and seek greener pastures?

I was just stopping by while grabbing some more podcasts with which to entertain myself while I go scrub down the kitchen walls. There are projects afoot, but of them I will not speak for fear of jinxing things.

Commandment #11: Thou shalt not blog about not blogging. But hey, at least you didn't apologize and promise to be more frequent.

Pot/Kettle Updated: Futuresoup is kinda dead. I update my LiveJournal with personal stuff, and I'm starting a new rant blog, but futuresoup was originally intended to become a portfolio site.

On the bright side, I registered SteveFarkas.com. I don't have enough exciting stuff to put a blog site there. It'll be more of a "Here is a link to my portfolio. Here is a link to my rant blog. Here is my Amazon Wishlist" type of deal.

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